The Day of Estonian Restoration of Independence


Come to celebrate the Day of Estonian Restoration of Independence at Vabamu's family day!

On this day of celebrations, the tickets are half the price!
5 € / 3 €
Family ticket 11 €

You can participate in the tours "Paths to Freedom and Recovery". All the tours are free of charge.

Fun workshops for children:

"Badge as a Symbol"
In this workshop, we will examine why pin badges used to be so popular? What kind of pin badges were worn by our parents or grandparents during the Singing Revolution? Every child has a chance to design their unique Estonia-themed pin badge. For inspiration, we will bring out some of the pin badges from our collection.

"The Voice of a Protest Poster"
Why did thousands of people gather at Hirvepark in 1987, and why did two million people form the Baltic Way in 1989, both times holding protest posters with different slogans in their hands? You will find out during the workshop as you design your protest poster. What were the slogans that they wished to tell the public? What are your messages to society today?

"T-shirt Slogans"
During the Singing Revolution, both the campaigners against phosphorite excavations and members of People's Front wore self-made T-shirts. Let's make one for ourselves as well! Take your old or new T-shirt to the museum, and write or draw there whatever you like!

It is possible to see the permanent exhibition ‘Freedom Without Borders’ with a reduced ticket. You will hear touching stories about Estonian ancestors and their lives in the recent history of Estonian from the 1940s onwards. We will talk about losing freedom and its restoration, including the period of Singing Revolution and Restoration of Independence from Phosphorite War until Estonia joining the European Union in 2004. People whom you can't find in history books will tell their stories.

In the exhibition, our e-tour guide will accompany you. It will take you on a journey through recent history and talk to you in Estonian, English, Russian, Finnish, German, Spanish, or French.

As a new solution, we also offer E-tour guides specifically made for families, that suits children of 7 years or older. In addition to E-tour guide, there are much more to discover for children. We have created an educational and playful exhibition for children within our permanent exhibition. It consists of three parts: activity corners, guiding activity brochure, and e-tour guide. All together they form a comprehensive visiting experience to both children and the parents.

Under 7-years-old children can participate in the museum's activity corners that relate to the recent history of Estonia.

Vabamu's cafe is opened on the day of celebrations as well! It offers delicious cakes, salads, and pies.

Come to visit us!

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