Republic of Estonia 101 – Family day at Vabamu


Come to celebrate the Independence Day of the Republic of Estonia at the fun family day in Vabamu Museum of Freedom and Occupations!

The admission for everyone half the price!

€5 / €3

Family admission €11

On the 24th of February, we open the museum for the visitors already at 8 a.m. It is a great chance to spend the day among culture and the recent history of Estonia. Both children and adults can take a tour of the new permanent exhibition “Freedom without Borders” as well as the temporary exhibition we have prepared especially for the Independence Day. The exhibitions tell touching stories of ordinary people, inviting the visitors to think about freedom and its values.

The museum together with the friends of the museum has prepared many exciting workshops for the visitors to participate in that day. Among many other fun activities, visitors can make wristbands, solve puzzles in technology and history, take part in the scavenger hunt in the museum's permanent exhibition or even step into the world of virtual reality.

The workshops take place from 9 a.m. till 4 p.m. 

  • Merekool Viiger and Toompea Malevkond invite visitors to explore the world of radio communication, technological reconnaissance, and the Morse code. They offer a chance to listen to the secret radio waves from the past and the present and teach how to make a sea knot as well as plan a course of the ship on the map. Additionally, it is possible to see a fascinating exhibition about different channels of communication.

  • Soorebaste Scouts teach how to make wristbands in Estonian flag colors and invite the visitors to participate in a quiz based on the history of Estonia, solve Morse code messages and brainteasers.

  • Eesti 2.0 virtual reality boys introduce a technological application that allows exploring a virtual chemical laboratory without prior knowledge of science or chemistry. In this laboratory, the visitors are able to handle dangerous acids, flammable matters or even create a large explosion without putting anyone in danger. This is the future of scientific studies. This is VReaction!

  • Youth to School has prepared a workshop, where all the visitors can participate in the creation of the mood board "My Dream School". Additionally, it is possible to craft Estonian national bird swallow in the origami technique.

  • The Rentextreme team will help to create virtual birthday cards for the Republic of Estonia in a virtual art world. It is possible to take out all those good wishes afterwards and share it with family and friends.

The cafe of Vabamu will be opened as well with a special menu made for the Independence Day of Estonian Republic.

The KGB Prison Cells are opened from 8 a.m on this special occasion. For those who are interested in the history of Pagari 1 building and wish to know the role of the building in the history of the Republic, the museum is opened until 6 p.m. The admission for everybody is €2.

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