Lithuanian Film Night: Children from the Hotel America

Music has always wielded power. This film tells a story about the pursuit of freedom through rock music in the 1970s in Lithuania. However, the shift in politics came later, in 1990 and 1991, when the Sąjūdis party set off along the path to freedom. In 1990, Sąjūdis won an absolute majority in the elections. On 11 March, the Lithuanian Supreme Council decided to declare independence. These actions were deemed illegal by Moscow, which in April the same year imposed an economic blockade on Lithuania. Due to external intervention, Moscow suspended the blockade and Lithuania issued a moratorium on its declaration of independence. Moscow sent additional Soviet troops to Lithuania, who tried to take over government buildings. While defending the Vilnius TV tower against Soviet troops, 14 civilians were killed in January 1991. Following these events, 50,000 Lithuanians gathered to protect the Lithuanian parliament building. Photos of the bloodbath reached the world quickly, putting Moscow under pressure. On 9 February, 90% of voters voted for independence in a referendum.  

Children from the Hotel America

Drama, 1991 (88 min)
Director: Raimundas Banionis  
Language: Lithuanian, with English subtitles  

It’s 1972 in Kaunas, Lithuania. A group of teenagers are fans of rock'n'roll music, which is banned in the USSR, and are interested in the hippie movement, secretly listening to the Radio Luxembourg. They all live in a house which was formerly a hotel, called the America. The events of the Kaunas spring affect them, as they are involved. After they attempt to send a letter to Radio Luxembourg, the teenagers become suspects to the KGB. 

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