Travelling exhibition

Estonia’s Regained Independence: 30 Years of Freedom and Responsibility

Summer 2021

„Estonia’s Regained Independence: 30 Years of Freedom and Responsibility“ is an interactive pan-Estonian travelling exhibition that recounts stories of our country and democracy, showcasing the significance of freedom and consequent developments. With this exhibition, we celebrate the 30th anniversary of regaining independence, and this summer, we invite people to join us in fifteen locations all around Estonia.

The anniversary of the Estonian Restoration of Independence inspires us all to look back in time and evokes interest in the story of the Estonian state and nation. This is a good opportunity to get together and reflect on the social and cultural transformations of the last 30 years, so as to notice and make sense of these changes, and discuss their causes. In our everyday life, we rarely stop to think about the essence and effects of freedom—and yet, the freedom of, say, making our own decisions is constantly present, whether it be decisions about the use of language, or our choices of entertainment, music and clothes as means of free self-expression.  

Our purpose with this exhibition is also to remind of the importance of each individual’s contribution to shaping and maintaining an independent democratic state. Thus, the exhibition is accompanied by democracy training sessions and on-site discussions with locals that focus first and foremost on the opinions of the youth. The aim is to promote the skills and knowledge necessary for participating in state-shaping as a citizen.

The bilingual pan-Estonian travelling exhibition „Estonia’s Regained Independence: 30 Years of Freedom and Responsibility“ is at once touching, informative as well as interactive. In addition to the knowledge and exciting perspectives on the restoration of the Republic, the exhibition provides a good emotion, discussing difficult topics in an entertaining way.

The exhibition will hit the road on 5–6 June from Tallinn and then travel all across Estonia, visiting towns such as Valga, Rakvere and Narva, but also Abja-Paluoja, Tõrva and Kallaste. In each location, the exhibition stays open to visitors for 2-3 days and then continues its journey to the next place. In the autumn, the travelling exhibition will also visit schools, providing a supplement to history and social studies lessons.

We are waiting for you in different locations across Estonia:


  • Tallinn / Telliskivi Creative Hub / 11 June   
  • Valga / Valga-Valka Festival / 12–13 June
  • Pärnu / Tere, Pärnu suvi! / 21 June
  • Rakvere / 2–4 July
  • Karksi / Karksi kodukandipäev / 10 July
  • Haapsalu / 17–18 July
  • Tõrva / Fire Days / 23–25 July
  • Põlva / Centre Square / 31 July–1 August
  • Kuressaare / Kuressaare Maritime Days / 6–7 August
  • Tallinn / Old Town Days / 12 August
  • Paide / Opinion Festival / 13–14 August
  • Narva / 20–22 August
  • Kallaste / Fish and Onion Fair / 28 August
  • Tartu / 3–5 September
  • Rapla / Särin Festival / 11–12 September

Free entrance

The project is funded by the Active Citizens Fund for EEA Grants, mediated by the Open Estonia Foundation in collaboration with the Network of Estonian Nonprofit Organizations, Government Office, National Foundation of Civil Society and Cultural Endowment of Estonia.