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Our museum team is small in number, but great in spirit and will. We value cooperation and believe that touching stories about recent history will help us create a better tomorrow. Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to get involved.


  • Aimar Anderson

    Administrative Specialist
    Aimar is occupied with the organisation of the museum’s support systems and services and figuring out day-to-day matters related to management.

    Aimar's passions are hiking and photography. Additionally, he finds time to grow different plants in pots and tries his hand at making home-made wine. Next to a glass of his wine fits well homemade culinary dish, which he likes to prepare as well.
  • Aive Peil

    Programme Manager
    Aive is the headmistress of the museum. She is responsible for everything related to education: museum lessons, teaching materials, guided tours, educational experiences, etc.

    In addition to appreciating art and being a fitness enthusiast, she’s also an avid reader and loves to frequent the cinema.
  • Evelin Sennett

    Visitor Experience Guide (on maternity leave)
    Evelin makes sure that every visitor gets the best service and thoughts at our museum and that in addition to emotions, our visitors have something delicious to eat here and a lovely souvenir to take home – something to remember our museum by for years to come.

    Evelin’s free time is filled with culture. For years already, she has been an elaborate culture projects’ writer. Tallinn-London-Tallinn is the route on which both Estonian national costumes and cultural ambassadors travel under Evelin’s guidance. Naturally, our energetic Evelin is a folk dancer herself.
  • Heili Kärg

    Manager of Strategic Planning (on materity leave)
    Heili gathers activities, people, time, money, documents, partners, and tools and turns them into… no, not some random salad, but a very worthwhile combination. One day she will be at the Ministry, then at a construction site, the day after that she will be looking for employees or preparing financial forecasts. Later, she might be designing a brand or ordering furniture. And Heili knows that there is always room for improvement!

    During winter, Heili skis, during summer, she plays volleyball, and armed with her camera, she is always on the lookout for genuine emotions.
  • Kadri Sulp

    Senior Visitor Experience Guide
    Kadri ensures that visits to the KGB Prison Cells are interesting and thought-provoking. She is responsible for ensuring the well-being of each visitor.

    When Kadri has free time, she loves to laugh heartily with her friends and family. She can also be found climbing onto a huge glacial boulder or looking for water lilies on a beautiful lakeside. Kadri knows that Estonian history is full of interesting stories that she loves to learn about, either in the form a theatre play or interesting book.
  • Karen Jagodin

    Strategy and strategy management is every agency’s ABC. At Vabamu Karen steers the processes inside the museum starting with the development and activity plans and ending with team management.

    Karen’s biggest source of energy is her children; she could write strategy documents based on their stories and adventures. She also loves to take her kayak out to sea or her backpack to the edge of the world. When she needs to clear her head from the everyday buzz, yoga and books are there to help her.
  • Keiu Telve

    Executive Director
    Keiu is the driving force of the museum, who steers the team and the museum in the right direction. She is an initiator and a forward thinker, making the museum into an ever more valued and loved place for Estonians and visitors of Estonia alike.

    In her free time Keiu walks her Scottish Terrier Rosin (Raisin) and goes kitesurfing in summer.
  • Kristi Ardel

    Service Manager
    Kristi co-ordinates the service side of things at Vabamu and the KGB Prison Cells. She is involved with the development of the Vabamu shop and café. She also works with our tour guides, ensuring that the service at Vabamu is smooth, polite, and memorable.

    Kristi likes people and stories, especially when it means discussing the world among family and friends over delicious food. Each year she takes time to notice the power of nature in changing seasons and gathers thoughts from films, theater, and music.
  • Kristjan Saharov

    Collection Manager
    The main task of the collection manager is to develop, research, and systematise collections on occupations, resistance, restoration, and freedom building, and to register and manage museum objects.

    He plays the guitar and sings beautifully – he is the lost, or rather the prospective Estonian music superstar.
  • Kärdy Pang

    Visitor Experience Guide

    Kärdy ensures that visits to the KGB Prison Cells are interesting and thought-provoking. She is responsible for ensuring the well-being of each visitor.

    Kärdy has got Viire. Viire is an Alaskan Malamute, who takes Kärdy for walks. She likes new locations and new curious characters. She also swims and goes skiing, visits the cinema, theatre, and concerts. (Kärdy, not Viire.)

  • Liina Koitla

    Senior Visitor Experience Guide
    Liina is involved in everything that makes the visitor experience at Vabamu pleasant: she introduces the museum, talks about history and, on top of everything, is a skilled barista. Liina has a motto – “An exciting and a little nutty idea for every visitor!”

    In summer, Liina spends her free time either at culture festivals or playing tennis at her neighbourhood park. In winter, she is either at the cinema, theatre or her friends’ place playing board games.
  • Liis Meriküll

    Marketing and Communications Manager
    Today, everything is connected to marketing and communication – Liis’ task is to plan and conduct all this great communication in Estonia and abroad, on the internet, on the phone, and in person.

    She appreciates theatre and dancing as well as spending time with her friends; she gets her energy from seeing joy in other people’s eyes. In addition, Liis charges herself up with early-morning runs in the woods.
  • Lisanna Kinkar

    Office Manager

    Lisanna keeps an eye on the work environment, tools, and documents. She helps with internal communications, and organises team events and meetings. She also manages the museum’s website and answers museum-related inquiries.

    Lisanna’s top two: a cup of good coffee and an unexpectedly sincere, but slightly ironic joke. After the work week, she likes to recharge in the woods, sometimes picking mushrooms, sometimes berries, and most of all, she likes to cook with freshly picked ingredients. Lisanna will never say no to a good dance, a fine piece of music, or a profound piece of cinema.
  • Maia-Liisa Anton

    Exhibition and Event Manager
    Maia-Liisa’s heart, head and deeds are all involved in having content-rich exhibitions in our museum halls, events that address society and exciting projects that involve different actors. She involves people and organisations from here and there to work with.

    Being an active citizen, she has set her heart on the climate and environment. She knows that when needed, one’s opinion has to be expressed loudly, otherwise nobody will hear you nowadays. However, she loves the quiet in order to relax. To be more exact, she relaxes when she hears the muttering of a sewing machine. And when she is done with sewing, she takes a book and dives into another world.
  • Mari Kuuse

    Programme Specialist
    Mari does the educational program and guided tours in the museum. Additionally, she helps to organize engaging events.

    In her spare time, Mari loves traveling, watching a good movie or reading compelling books. She gets her energy from yoga or a refreshing swim in the sea.
  • Marika Pihel

    Service Manager (on materity leave)
    Marika co-ordinates the service side of things at Vabamu and the KGB Prison Cells. She is involved with the development of the Vabamu shop and café. She also works with our tour guides, ensuring that the service at Vabamu is smooth, polite, and memorable.

    Yoga, theatre, cycling, traveling – these are the activities close to Marika’s heart. And she’s also a devout dog enthusiast!
  • Marko Poolamets

    Board Member
    Marko provides advice and support to the museum. He checks that all papers are correct and that the action plan is completed.

    He is into photography and nature tourism. Marko is a true expert of Estonian landscapes, hills, and other intriguing places.
  • Raimo Tõnissoo

    Visitor Experience Guide
    Raimo's tasks involve ticket sales, introducing exhibitions, servicing the visitors at the café and providing an overall pleasant experience to our visitors – this is what brings a smile to his face.

    Raimo wants to spice things up - literally. He is a keen gardener as he breeds and grows his own hot peppers. Life without spice is not worth living! Additionally, he keeps himself updated about different books on recent history.
  • Rain Seppel

    Visitor Experience Guide (In the compulsory military service)
    Rain ensures that visits to the KGB Prison Cells are interesting and thought-provoking. He is responsible for ensuring the well-being of each visitor.

    Rain watches the weather – if the weather is blissful, he jumps to the saddle and takes off to wherever his heart desires on his bicycle. When he has more free time, he likes to think and read about history and society and their interconnectedness.

  • Enelin Tõlgo

    Visitor Experience Guide

    Enelin has been filled with creative curiosity since day one – she creates and discovers the nuances of handicrafts, art, music and acting. She also cooks well and takes the best of her home-cooked dishes with her when she goes hiking. Back home, she will enjoy a good film, too.

  • Vivien Sibrits

    Visitor Experience Guide

    Vivien is a baker, at least for her friends she is! Those pastries and sponge cakes of hers! Living on these, Vivien goes to theatre and listens to music, plays computer games, and is into photography and reading books. She is also fond of exhibitions and museums and naturally, takes interest in the pastries offered in the theatre and museum buffets.

  • Merle Jõgisman

    Visitor Experience Guide

    Merle ensures that visits to the KGB Prison Cells are interesting and thought-provoking. She is responsible for ensuring the well-being of each visitor.

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